Revor Latex Mattresses

Revor latex mattresses are produced out of the finest latex in Belgium. There are many benefits when it comes to choosing to use a Revor latex mattress, which includes a 10 year guarantee; hypoallergenic; side ventilation channels; and they are environmentally friendly. Browse through our selection of Revor latex mattresses today.

Revor Latex Toppers

Our Revor latex mattress toppers are one of our highest selling products across all of our stores. The latex mattress toppers really make a regular bed much more comfortable, and at a very affordable price.


Our range of Wimaflex bases combine great looks with a simple yet effective design, giving great flexibility to personalise your comfort.

Mattress Covers and Pillows

Our latex pillows come with a zip percale cover. They are fully washable, anti bacterial, fungi and dust mite resistant. Check out out mattress covers and latex pillows now.

Cot Mattresses

Give your new born the good night’s rest it deserves with our latex cot mattresses.