The first night in the bed I had the worst night’s sleep. We had gone out to a restaurant and I got food poisoning. I spent the night being sick and I had a blinding headache. Every time I got back into bed I felt sick but thought this is the most comfortable bed I have ever had. It was taking care of me like a mother. Kate was very knowledgeable but not pushy. She obviously felt confident with her product. I will recommend your beds to anyone I meet looking for a mattress.

Zoe Krause
It’s not easy to tell you how good this bed is. I did have back trouble but I don’t now. Every day I sit in my latex bed and write the next great screen play. It’s just more comfortable than sitting at the computer. The idea is to spend a night in the store and see how you feel in the morning. Just ask Peter; I am sure he will let you!

James Richardson
After travelling around Tasmania for a couple of weeks, it made us appreciate our Synchroline mattress. It is super comfortable. I'm seven months pregnant and I am thankful for the softer hip zone. I would not consider anything else.

Sally Douglas
I saw your shop frontage and it made me curious to look into latex as an alternative. I was looking for a healthier alternative to synthetic beds. Your company looked reputable and knowledgeable as only dealing in late.

The Manager Latex Bedding Co. Newcastle,

I recently purchased a latex mattress and base from your Company. I want to tell you that I have not slept better in years. I have no regrets with my purchase and, if anything, it surpasses my expectations; particularly the (no) partner disturbance aspect. I have recommended the Latex Bedding Company to my family and friends because of your friendly service and excellent product. My husband endorses my remarks.

Yours sincerely Sue Nicholson

Sue Nicholson
Just a quick note to say what a huge difference our new latex bed has made to my chronic neck pain and sleep problems. Thank you for the great personal service.

Kate Van Schaik
Thank you for your excellent service and resolution to our bedding problem. The mattress and ensemble we initially purchased was "untried" as a combination and unfortunately we had a rather uncomfortable raised area running down the middle of the mattress. The solution you have now provided has definitely fixed the problem. Jane and I have immediately noticed that the mattress is sitting flat and our sleep over the last few nights has been significantly improved. Again, we really appreciate your efforts and commitment to resolving this. We are now happy customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending you, your store and your product to others. I hope to drop by with a small gift of appreciation shortly.

With the Latex Bedding Company our comfort was their highest priority. We are happy to say that at last a good night sleep is normal not irregular. It is wonderful to wake up with energy and not stiff and sore as in the past. Our chiropractor has also noticed a big improvement and visits have become fewer and further between.The first time in years I have got out of bed and not felt bad. I recommend it.

Larry Kelly
Hello I meant to send this email weeks ago, but had trouble with my internet connection then never got back to doing it! I bought a mattress for my son from the wonderful team at the Dubbo store and I was so impressed with it, I bought a second one for my daughter. The staff provided excellent service, and when we loaded it onto the back of the ute they went out of their way to make sure it was tied down properly, etc. The mattresses are so comfortable and the value for money is truly outstanding. My children have never slept better, and with growing teenagers, that is important! I will be recommending the mattresses and the Dubbo Store to every person I know who is looking to purchase a mattress (in fact I have already raved about them to so many people!).

Wendy Merrick
Hi David,

Just a short note to let you know that I am having the best night's sleep ever on my new latex pillows.

Your customer service was unsurpassed & would recommend you & your company to anyone.