Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the mattress you created for us David. We are yet to sleep on it but it fit perfectly on the bed and folded up on the sofa like a dream and when we laid on it , it felt so comfortable that we are going to forego the latex topper we have and see how we go with just the mattress.

We both really appreciate your help and how generous you have been giving us the 50% discount.

Thanks heaps

Brad & Tracie Dickenson xx

Brad & Tracie Dickenson
Hi Wayne,

We love our new mattress and pillows! I rank this as one of our best decisions for a long time. We recently had to sleep on a bad mattress for a week, so were in heaven when we came back to our own bed. I really like the bamboo sheets and pillow cases. My partner finds the soft, filmyness takes some getting used to, but they are still wonderful sheets. And yes, Gidget loves her bed too although she has to curl up quite tightly to fit. It lives on the front verandah where she likes to sit and survey her world!

I'd like to add that the service we received at the store in deciding our purchases was first class. We felt very well looked after.

Thanks Again,


Hi Cliff,

I have been meaning to contact you for ages. I just wanted to say how much
we love our bed. You probably don't remember but I had a really bad back and
always struggled with the pocket spring mattresses as they changed so much.
My husband is very happy too so thankyou for your patience and guidance.

Hi Cliff,

I love my new bed it is so comfortable, and I wake up without any back pain.  I will be buying another one in the near future for the guest room.  Thanks for all you help and great service.

Hi Cliff,

Thank you so much for sending the 2 toppers which we received on Friday. Carolyn and I really appreciate what you did for us. For me, the firm topper is excellent, much more support and the best night's sleep in a long while. Carolyn's comments: what a difference. If we need to get a new topper every now and again to freshen up the support then I am happy to pay you for new toppers in future. It's like getting a new bed for a fraction of the dollars. Your company should be very proud of the level of customer service you demonstrated. Thanks again. Do look us up if your ever down this way.

Peter Knobloch