Our Warranty Promise

Most companies spend all of their warranty’s spiel telling you what is not covered. Obviously gross abuse or normal wear and tear is not covered. But talk to us we can still probably help e.g with a discounted new zip cover.

Any manufacturing fault is covered.

Now here is the big one! We guarantee our mattresses to ISO3385 which allows only 5% loss of height after 60,000 rolls of a 140kg roller; you can see a demo in the perfect You Tube video.

So if a 22cm mattress gets more than 11mm body impression within 10 years we will replace it. Most companies say up to 35mm is o.k. we say bulldust to that and so do many of their customers, read the reviews! We will pay the freight too.

Any problems –  talk to us.

We want 100% raving fans and happy customers.