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Latex Toppers – Exclusive Revor Quality


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Single latex topper with Bamboo cover is OUT OF STOCK

  • 100% Pure Belgian Latex
  • Highest Quality Certification
  • Natural Cotton cover
  • 5cm Soft pure breathable latex
  • Natural breathable fabrics
  • Highest certified quality standards
  • Supportive life 20-25 years
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • 25 Year Warranty on Toppers


Boori Cot Mattress


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Dimensions: 77cm x 132cm x 12cm thick.

Latex is a good choice if you are concerned about your baby sleeping on synthetic material.
Open cell structure allows breathability and evaporation of moisture. Latex has a natural elasticity about it and holds its shape well making it extremely durable.
Also a good choice if your baby has asthma or allergies, it harbours no moisture mildew or bacteria
The cover is made from bamboo fabric with all its natural advantages breathing 4x times better than cotton and naturally antifungal and antibacterial, and is zip removable and washable. There is also an inner light weight protective cover. Even the full latex core is completely washable. (Wash in a bath or with hose outside. The only thing to avoid is direct sunlight, so dry in the shade.) Revor latex is certified up to food utensil and baby product standards to contain no harmful products!

Mattress Protector


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· Eucalyptus based natural fibres which inhibit allergies and bacteria

· Natural temperature control properties

· Stain resistant

· Ventilated but waterproof on all sides

· Fits all standard and extra depth sizes

· Machine washable

· Australian made

Natural eucalyptus based anti-bacterial fabric with protection on all sides. This fitted sheet style mattress protector provides a snug fit whilst allowing for easy removal. Silky smooth to touch and ideal for sensitive skin. Machine washable and can tumble dry. Does not contain any pesticides or chemicals.

Cot Mattresses


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Keep your new born comfortable with our chemical free latex cot mattresses!
Much like our adult size, these latex cot mattresses are very high in quality and proven certification (see below), providing the comfort and support your child deserves.

Comfort: Soft/Medium

Warranty: 10 Years