Hi Cliff, Thank you so much for sending the 2 toppers which we received on Friday. Carolyn and I really appreciate what you did for us. For me, the firm topper is excellent, much more support and the best night’s sleep in a long while. Carolyn’s comments: what a difference. If we need to get a new topper every now and again to freshen up the support then I am happy to pay you for new toppers in future. It’s like getting a new bed for a fraction of the dollars. Your company should be very proud of the level of customer service you demonstrated. Thanks again. Do look us up if your ever down this way.

Peter Knobloch

Hi Cliff, I love my new bed it is so comfortable, and I wake up without any back pain.  I will be buying another one in the near future for the guest room.  Thanks for all you help and great service.


Hi Cliff,

I have been meaning to contact you for ages. I just wanted to say how much we love our bed. You probably don’t remember but I had a really bad back and always struggled with the pocket spring mattresses as they changed so much.
My husband is very happy too so thankyou for your patience and guidance.


Hello Cliff,

I have been meaning to send you this email but there was a delay since we have been moving and settling down. We slept on the bed for a few days now and my husband and I are both very happy with this bed and the pillows sheets etc. They are all top quality products and a great value for money.

My back pain got better in such a short time it’s unbelievable. I am so going to rave about your products and service on product review and forums. Thank you very much for bringing this fantastic product to our lives and again we are sorry that we had doubts before. And I should also thank you for shutting him up about me shopping online.I wish you all the best with your business. I am sure you will do really well.

FeiGriffin QLD

Hello I meant to send this email weeks ago, but had trouble with my internet connection then never got back to doing it! I bought a mattress for my son from the wonderful team at the Dubbo store and I was so impressed with it, I bought a second one for my daughter. The staff provided excellent service

Wendy Merrick

With the Latex Bedding Company our comfort was their highest priority. We are happy to say that at last a good night sleep is normal not irregular. It is wonderful to wake up with energy and not stiff and sore as in the past. Our chiropractor has also noticed a big improvement and visits have become fewer and further between.

Larry Kelly

Thank you for your excellent service and resolution to our bedding problem. The mattress and ensemble we initially purchased was “untried” as a combination and unfortunately we had a rather uncomfortable raised area running down the middle of the mattress. The solution you have now provided has definitely fixed the problem.


I saw your shop frontage and it made me curious to look into latex as an alternative. I was looking for a healthier alternative to synthetic beds. Your company looked reputable and knowledgeable as only dealing in late.


After travelling around Tasmania for a couple of weeks, it made us appreciate our Synchroline mattress. It is super comfortable. I’m seven months pregnant and I am thankful for the softer hip zone. I would not consider anything else.

Sally Douglas

It’s not easy to tell you how good this bed is. I did have back trouble but I don’t now. Every day I sit in my latex bed and write the next great screen play. It’s just more comfortable than sitting at the computer. The idea is to spend a night in the store and see how you feel in the morning. Just ask Peter; I am sure he will let you!

James Richardson

The first night in the bed I had the worst night’s sleep. We had gone out to a restaurant and I got food poisoning. I spent the night being sick and I had a blinding headache. Every time I got back into bed I felt sick but thought this is the most comfortable bed I have ever had. It was taking care of me like a mother.

Zoe Krause

I researched latex on the net and visited all the major bedding retailers before I bought a mattress for my daughter. I concluded that Latex Bedding Co had the best quality products and decided on the Perfect. It was a lot less expensive than the top of the line beds at other shops. My daughter loves it.

Airlie Vines

After extensive research into Latex mattresses, it was a delight to find the team from The Latex Bedding Co, who are so highly knowledgeable and passionate about their products. Not only did I learn that not all Latex is as superior in quality as this brand, I learned that I will never return to sleeping on anything inferior..(gross!)

Jenna Lowndes

Our bed arrived in good order and wonderfully facilitated by the delivery boys. The base had to go over the top balcony but they did this without any problems and with much enthusiasm. John and I would like to say we have enjoyed our bed this week. Its wonderful. Thank you for facilitating the delivery.

John and Sylvia

Dear Joe Just a short note to express our very sincere thanks for the service you gave to Mum and I over the last few weeks. Mum finds her bed wonderful in every way. She is warm and comfortable and sleeping more soundly than she has in years. Mum “sings your praises” – not only because you sell such comfortable beds but because you treated her so nicely, patiently and respectfully. You are a true gentleman and we can’t thank you enough for looking after us so well. Many, many thanks

Kay Smith

Just a short note to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with my Madrid mattress. Receiving the mattress and climbing in to the oh-so-soft bamboo sheets and laying my head down on my brand new latex pillows was the highlight of my weekend. My week. Personally one of the highlights of 2009 for Jena Lowndes. I cannot speak highly enough of the product and your service. Your product knowledge is outstanding and I will most certainly recommend you. I am a very happy Latex Bedding Co.customer.

Jena Lowndes

My husband and I bought a latex mattress for the first time and we are amazed at how much better we now sleep. No more sore backs or shoulders for us! Not only is the mattress brilliant but so is the customer service. We have no hesitation in recommending the Latex Bedding Co to anyone and we will certainly return there for any future purchases of latex mattresses.

Yoness and Chris

With the Latex Bedding Company our comfort was their highest priority. We are happy to say that at last a good night sleep is normal not irregular. It is wonderful to wake up with energy and not stiff and sore as in the past. Our chiropractor has also noticed a big improvement and visits have become fewer and further between. Our thanks to Joe and your company for making our life a whole lot better.

Kerry and Wayne Wolfe

This is the first time we have written an endorsement but we are compelled to as in this day and age it is hard to find a company that truly believes in customer service and satisfaction. In fact, we thought it didn’t exist. Our experience with The Latex Bedding Company has been nothing short of first-class. David was happy to exchange our mattress, no questions asked, and made our experience a positive one – in spite of us being fussy customers! He backs his products 100%. We really have discovered the perfect mattress and the perfect bedding company. We have no qualms whatsoever in recommending this company. Kirk and Jeanette December 2011

Kirk Fletcher

Hi Wayne, thank you for your email. We are really happy with our new latex mattress, in every way it’s so much better than our old traditional mattress, it’s more supportive, doesn’t sag (our old mattress was very expensive, had the pillow top ext but still sagged after time), no partner disturbance (quite amazing) much cooler, easier to make the bed, sooo comfy:

Peter & Tania Speirs