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Quality Assurance

How is the natural latex produced?

The Dunlop method.

What are the Dunlop and Talalay processes, and what type does Revor use?

Revor uses the Dunlop method that allows the latex to settle naturally rather than freezing it as per the Talalay method.

How much weight can a Revor mattress hold?

The Revor mattresses are tested for hardness and height durability. A 140kg load is rolled 60,000 cycles over a mattress to simulate ten years of usage.

Why is it important to consider the lifespan of a mattress, and how do I check if I need a new one? What are factors that influence their lifespan?

Revor latex mattresses, with normal wear and tear, can lose up to 5% being 9mm in height over ten years of usage. Latex mattresses have a reputation for providing up to 25 – 30 years of usage. It is important to consider that the human body changes over time, and one’s level of comfort can alter with this. In rare instances, individuals may need to change to a different mattress even though the original would still have many years of life left. Another factor that influences the lifespan of a latex mattress would be use out of the norm, such as more than the average of 8 hours of sleep per night.