Bed just too firm ?

Tossing and turning ?

Not enough support from current mattress ?

Slow blood circulation due to your bed pushing on the broader parts of your body ?

Pins and Needles ?

Mattress not allowing you a body shape ?

Too close to the springs ?

Partner happy but not you ?

Tired of sleeping on synthetics?

Our toppers add a luxurious natural dimension of comfort to any mattress by relieving pressure and promoting blood flow, the natural bamboo fabric also brings a cooling effect and natural anti-fungal and bacterial properties.

These are simply placed on top of a new or existing mattress to make it softer and more comfortable especially a firm mattress. Choice magazine, in their mattress buying guide, say think twice about buying a pillow top mattress: buy a separate topper if you want a softer feel. We agree! We have latex mattress toppers for all sizes of beds no matter what you are currently sleeping on.

The latex mattress toppers are also great for camping or adding a plush layer to a guest bed. They are also very easy to roll up and store, taking up much less space than a spare mattress, and 100 times more comfortable than a blow-up.


Latex Topper Features Include:

  • 100% Natural certified Belgian Latex
  • 5 cm pure 100% Belgian latex with no chalks, fillers or chemicals
  • Highest Certified standards
  • Perforated and open cell for breathing and heat dissipation
  • Natural Cotton cover with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  • 25 Year Warranty

Sustainable Forests

Our latex comes from the largest, original and most awarded latex factory in the world from a sustainable source and awarded the environmental care award. The natural elasticity of latex allows easier movement at night ensuring a refreshing night’s sleep and the pressure relief improves blood circulation which makes you toss and turn at night, latex is soft to the touch but support increases as you sink deeper. Latex is naturally anti-house dust mite and anti-bacteria. Our Belgian latex’s open cell structure of millions of tiny interconnecting micro cells allow air and moisture to pass through naturally. Our latex is tested to lose only 4% height and hardness over 10 years