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Cot Mattress

Cot Mattress

A 100% natural latex cot mattress offers infants a safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly sleeping environment. Made from sustainably harvested latex sap, these mattresses are free from synthetic materials, chemicals, and allergens, ensuring a healthy sleep surface. Natural latex is inherently breathable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mites, mold, and bacteria. Additionally, it provides excellent support and comfort, conforming to the baby’s body while maintaining optimal firmness for developing spines. This durable and resilient mattress is an excellent choice for parents seeking a natural, non-toxic option for their child’s crib.

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Main Features
  • 100% Bamboo fibre mattress protector with 300 Thread Count
  • Elastic piping on the topper
  • Fits all standard and extra-depth sizes
  • Square quilting on the topper
  • Filling weight: 150gsm
  • Machine washable
Materials and Certifications

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