The Revor Euro mattress features a 100% Natural latex core/block in medium firm feel with a soft latex topper to give you that plush luxurious feeling without reducing any support. For those who prefer a firmer feel, the mattress can be flipped and slept on the firmer side without the topper. The Euro mattress has 7 sleeping zones. Each zone is catered to different areas of the body allowing the spine to rest naturally in any sleeping position. The latex core has ventilation holes on all its surfaces: top and bottom. Combined with an open cell construction, the mattress is free to breathe, keeping you comfortably cool and dry. Additionally, the Euro has a zip-off washable and Natural Bamboo cover which is eco-friendly, strong, durable but soft which breathes and wicks moisture away. To top it of, its Natural Bamboo cover is especially good for people who suffer from respiratory problem.


  • 22cm Thickness
  • 7 Ergonomic Zones
  • 4 Open cell breathable structure
  • Eco-Friendly, strong, durable natural bamboo cover, which breathes and wicks away moisture.
  • 10 year warranty