• Luxurious natural latex mattress (25 cm)
  • Ergonomic with 7 comfort and support zoness
  • 4 side ventilation channels
  • Removable and washable natural bamboo cover with anti – bacterial properties


The Revor Madrid mattress features a 100% latex medium to soft core feel for those who prefer a gentle support. The mattress relieves the pressure from your shoulders and hips and thereby stimulates blood circulation and recovery. It supports your back allowing natural spinal alignment. The Madrid has ventilation holes on top, bottom and sides. These, in combination with an open cell construction, leaves the mattress free to breathe while keeping you cooler and drier. The Madrid has a zip-off, cleanable, natural pure bamboo cover, which is the most breathable fabric on the market today, breathing up to four times better than cotton. It’s also eco-friendly, strong, durable and soft, wicking moisture away. The Revor Madrid provides an optimal time required for deep sleep, which is the cycle needed for your body and mind to recuperate.

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