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Why Latex Bedding Co?

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We have the highest customer satisfaction of any latex mattress company in Australia:

Read why we have the highest customer satisfaction rating of any latex mattress company in Australia (at the time of writing) then compare us to any other brand of bed you may consider purchasing. Why would you choose from a 1 or 2-star rating with no home trial compared to a 5-star rating with a 6-month home trial?
As a small latex bed specialist company, we cannot compete with the advertising power and dollars and market presence of the big companies. So we have decided to make our point of difference better latex beds with very happy customers; simple, really. If you are not happy you are not going to become the raving fan of our beds and service that we are aiming for. So we want to fix, change or return your bed and we give you 6 months to decide. How’s that?

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  • Choosing a company with a home trial
  • Pillow tops (“think twice”)
  • Latex (expect 20-25 years)

Latex Mattresses Eliminate Partner Disturbance

Due to the absence of interconnected springs, latex mattresses reduce the likelihood of one sleeping partner disturbing the other and eliminate any noise often associated with conventional mattresses.

Latex is a Natural Product

Latex is a natural product that comes from the latex vessels that exist under the bark of the rubber tree. As a natural product, latex has a natural elasticity, which provides a balance between comfort and support. This natural elasticity explains the long life of a latex mattress, between twenty and thirty years. This feature also eliminates loss of firmness, hardness and sagging.

Latex has Natural Anti-Microbial Properties

Latex has natural anti-microbial properties. No fungus, bacteria, dust mite or other unhealthy organisms can live inside a latex mattress. These protective properties exist in the latex milk inside the rubber tree. If the tree is damaged, the milk forms a protective layer that prevents infection. It is similar to the reaction of the human body to injury.

Latex is naturally anti Dustmite

Dust mites are a common cause of allergies and asthma. They thrive inside most mattresses and pillows because of the heat we generate during sleep and the moisture that we expel. They thrive on dust which is our dead flaked skin inside pillows and mattresses because of the heat we generate during sleep and the moisture that we expel.
The natural antibiotic properties of latex and its open cell structure and excellent ventilation (if designed and built properly) make for an inhospitable environment for dust mites and microbes. This combined with the feature, with nearly all our mattresses, that the cover can be removed and washed provides a very hygienic, clean and healthy sleeping environment. Many of our covers are made from bamboo fibre which also has natural antibiotic properties preventing the often musty smell of many mattresses.

Don’t throw away your old mattress. Recycle it!

There are restrictions on getting rid of your old mattress. Thankfully a company called Land Savers will happily pick up your old mattress ($35 per piece) and recycle it for you!

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