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Latex Pillows


Latex Pillows


Our 100% pure natural latex pillows work well for a wide range of sleeping positions. They are soft, durable, long-lasting, supportive for the neck and spine and allow your body to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

Our 100% Natural Latex Pillows are made from the sap of the rubber tree and are sustainably harvested.


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Main Features

Supportive: Latex pillows contour to the shape of your head and neck, providing excellent support and aligning the spine properly. This support can alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

Pressure Relief: The natural responsiveness of latex helps distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points. This can alleviate discomfort for those with chronic pain or stiffness.

Durability: Latex pillows are known for their durability and ability to maintain their shape over time. They typically outlast other types of pillows, providing consistent support for longer.

Hypoallergenic: Natural latex has inherent resistance to dust mites and mold, making latex pillows a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Temperature Regulation: Latex tends to have good airflow, which helps regulate temperature and prevents overheating during sleep. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who tend to sleep hot.

Motion Isolation: Latex’s ability to absorb movement can reduce disturbances from a sleeping partner, contributing to a more restful sleep.

Environmentally Friendly: Natural latex is derived from rubber trees, making it a renewable and eco-friendly material.

Materials and Certifications

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100% Natural Latex

Our 100% natural latex pillows are a premium sleep solution crafted from all-natural latex derived from the sap of rubber trees making it a renewable and eco-friendly material offering remarkable comfort and support by utilising the inherent qualities of latex such as breathability, durability, and hypoallergenic properties. 

Superior comfortable
Soft, supportive

Latex pillows offer unparalleled comfort and support by conforming to your body shape, ensuring optimal alignment for a restful sleep.

Sleep Cool
Open Cell Structure

Latex pillows with open-cell structures regulate temperature, preventing overheating for a cooler, more comfortable sleep, ideal for those prone to sleeping hot. An open cell structure in a latex pillow acts like an air pocket network, enhancing airflow, temperature control, and comfort.

Soft to the touch
Relieves pain and pressure

Latex pillows allow gentle, circulation-boosting support for neck alignment, reducing pressure points and aiding circulation. Ideal for neck pain, and maintaining a natural neck curve.

The Quiet Pillow
Reduces Noise

The level of support a latex pillow provides helps keep airways clear and reduces snoring. Latex pillows are soft, quiet pillows. You won’t hear a lot of squeaking and rustling while you’re trying to sleep, and neither will anyone else in the room.

What our customers think

Very happy we made the switch from pocket spring to a Revor latex mattress. No more tossing and turning and we are waking up refreshed. The service we had from the team at Latex Bedding Co was also exceptional.
Jonathon Tainsh
Google Reviews
They were very professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding the bedding industry and particularly latex. After deciding on our purchase our mattresses (Euro Natural long singles, which can be placed on adjustable beds) were delivered on time by a friendly and helpful delivery driver. Overall we would highly recommend this company
Lyn B.
Product Reviews
Good product, comfort for all types of bears. Soft for baby, just right for mummy and nice and firm for daddy bear! We have had a latex mattress for 20 years and love our new one!
Google Reviews
My husband and I have never slept better since getting our bed! It's like sleeping on a cloud! The service was exceptional and it was very easy to set up and customise. We can't recommend it highly enough.
Elizabeth Hansford
Google Reviews
Now that we have been using it for a month or so we are very happy and sleeping comfortably.
M and L Mosman Sydney
Product Reviews

Frequently Asked

What is the primary material used in the Latex Pillows?

Crafted from 100% natural latex sourced from the sap of rubber trees. This sustainable and eco-friendly material ensures not only a premium sleep solution but also a conscious choice for the environment.

Are Natural Latex Pillows hypoallergenic?

Yes, they are hypoallergenic, as natural latex is inherently resistant to dust mites and mould.

How do these pillows differ from synthetic latex pillows?

100% Natural Latex Pillows are made from the sap of rubber trees, while synthetic latex is produced through chemical processes.

Are latex pillows environmentally friendly?

Yes, they are considered eco-friendly as natural latex is a renewable resource, and the manufacturing process is often more sustainable.

What is the pillow warranty?

The latex pillow comes with a one-year warranty.

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How often should I change my pillow?

Ideally, it’s recommended to replace your pillows every one to two years, though this time frame does not apply to natural latex pillows.

Latex pillows are known for their durability and ability to maintain their shape over time. They typically outlast other types of pillows, providing consistent support for longer.