Armed with exclusive rights in Australia for Revor Belgium, the Latex Bedding Co educates people on the superior quality of latex. David Nugent, a botany major and all-round science guy, has studied the antibacterial properties of this natural substance. He has been helping to select, design and manufacture mattresses and beds since 1983.

Our upholstered bases are made by Glenray Industries, a disability employer in Bathurst, NSW.

Cliff Walter spent several years working for the largest bed manufacturers in the southern hemisphere and six years retailing them at his own store. His relationship with spring coil beds taught him that latex was simply superior. It outlasted spring mattresses every time and conformed and supported the body in a way that spring mattresses could not.

Nothing can substitute for experience, and experience has taught these two businessmen to trust their product. It’s a winner!

“There is no better bed in the world”, says David.

“It has styling, functionality and more features than any other bed I’ve seen”, says Cliff. And he’s seen a lot of beds.

Latex Bedding Co specialises in what it knows best, 100% latex bedding sourced from the first and biggest latex mattress manufacturer in the world, Latexco.


Soft Landing offer a mattress recycling service in most Australian capital cities in an endeavour to prevent mattresses going to landfill. They can be contacted on 1800763852 and be viewed on for further information.