Latex Pillows

Our Latex Pillows Come with a percale cover. The dimpled side is
softer and the other side is a bit firmer. They are fully washable,
anti bacterial, fungi and dust mite resistant. Perfect for allergy and
asthma sufferers. Pure breathable Belgian latex certified chemical
free.Expect 10 yr lifetime.


Latex Pillow Features: 

  • Because it’s pure it has no chalks, fillers or chemicals. No allergies.
  • It’s naturally perforated, made of millions of tiny interconnecting open cells for breathing and heat dissipation. Just like you.
  • It has natural anti-fungal and bacterial properties. Nothing bad will go near it.
  • Our latex is tested to lose only 4% height and hardness over 10 years. So it takes a long time to let you down and then just a wee bit.
  • The natural elasticity of latex allows easier movement at night. This translates into a refreshing night’s sleep and improved blood circulation.
  • Soft to the touch, the support increases as you sink deeper. Sort of like your ideal love affair.