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General Questions

How do I care for my Revor?

Rotate and or flip. Rotate the mattress from bottom to top every six months, the zones are mirrored on either end.

What type of bed base/frame should I use?

Any base: however, we do recommend slatted bases for breathability, with slats 8 – 10cm apart.

Does Revor use fire-retardants?

There are no chemical treatments to enhance fire retardant properties.

Does the latex breathe?

The open cell construction of latex promotes airflow. Natural movement during sleep on a latex mattress encourages air to move in and out through the open-cell structure and the pinholes. This prevents heat retention. Revor allows extra movement of air when moving during your sleep. This happens because when you move on the open-cell structure of latex, it creates a ‘pump and suck’ effect that encourages air to move into the area you just vacated.

What is an open cell structure?

Millions of interconnecting bubbles mean that every tiny little bubble that makes up latex is connected, thus creating a lung that inhales and exhales as you move on the mattress. Latex has the least heat retention compared to all mattresses using synthetic foams.

Open-cell mattresses draw warm air away from the body while allowing cool air to flow through. Heat ruins quality sleep. By pulling the warmth away from the body and allowing cool air in, the open-cell technology of latex mattresses allows you to keep your cool and get a great night’s sleep.

Does Revor get hot?

Latex used to get hot as they were made with a closed-cell structure and a synthetic cover. Approximately 15 years ago Revor started making latex with an open cell structure and a natural cover which removed heat retention. With a natural latex block and a natural cover, heat will not be an issue. Also, no glues are used in the Revor which promotes breathability.

Can I use an electric blanket with the Revor mattress/topper?


Do you recommend a mattress protector?

Yes, although Revor has a zip-off washable cover, we recommend a mattress protector as it will be washed more frequently than the zip-off cover. Think of it as a mattress insurance policy.

We stock bamboo mattress protectors for your convenience:


Can I put the Revor on an adjustable bed base?

There are restrictions on getting rid of your old mattress. Thankfully, a company called Land Savers will happily pick up your old mattress ($35 per piece) and recycle it for you! For more information, head to or call 1800 763 852.

How do I clean the Revor mattress?

A natural zip-off washable cover ensures no skin cell or dust mite build-up. A mattress’s weight can double over 10 years with what they collect, and if any accidents happen, it can be removed and washed. The natural zip-off washable cover can be washed at 30°C degrees.

Is the Revor mattress dust-mite resistant?

Yes, natural latex mattresses are repellent to dust mites, mold, mildew, and other types of bacteria. A latex mattress is the only mattress that is naturally resistant to dust mites. Latex, which is made from the sap of the rubber tree, is naturally resistant to dust mites as it is an inhospitable environment for them to thrive in.

How firm is your mattress?

The Revor is a genuine medium. There are multiple options in the different models from med-firm to med-soft. Flip for a firmer or softer feel.

How do I change the firmness level of the mattress?

Flip for a firmer or softer feel.

What are the covers made of?

Natural bamboo fabric.

Does Revor have harmful chemicals that could off-gas in the future?

Revor is a 100% natural product, a healthy alternative that is chemical-free. Most mattresses are petroleum-based and use adhesives that give off toxic fumes as they age, creating air pollution.

Why is Revor priced so well?

Our overheads are less than our competitors we also believe the customers should get a fair deal.

How can I pay for my Revor order?

We accept Mastercard, VISA, Amex, PayPal, and Zip Pay. We have a retail store which you can visit or call us on 02 9436 4870

Are your products fumigated?


Does Revor contain any glues?

No glues, chalks, fillers, foams, harmful chemicals, or metals. Revor is one solid block of latex, with a built-in 5cm softer topper to take the edge off without losing support.

Where are Revor products made?

Our mattresses are manufactured in Belgium.

Do I need to purchase a Revor topper with my new Revor mattress?

You have a built-in topper inside the cover.

How durable is the Revor mattress?

Revor mattresses last up to 25 years.

Is there any smell to latex?

Latex can have a new smell which isn’t strong nor offensive. This will dissipate in the first few days.

Is a good mattress important to my child's development?

Extremely important. Children do their growing in their sleep, so correct posture and support are crucial.

How heavy are they?

This varies according to the thickness and size but for e.g., a queen weighs between 46-66 kg.

How thick are they?

There are a few options, 22, 25 or 30cm”.