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Fixed Slat Bases

  • Now in new modern Lorenzia linen fabric cover goes with all décor. Ideal for triple sheeting. No need for valance or bedspread.
  • Choice of 50, 100 or 150mm castors or Glides. 9 each for Queen and Double.
  • Queen has 13 Slats and 22 suppport blocks. Strong, durable and good support for the mattress. You will NEVER have a structural problem with this base. It also allows plenty of ventilation unlike many companies bases with fewer slats and a solid sheet on top.

Wimaflex Bases


The Wimaflex base being open underneath allows for ample necessary fresh air and space for those that like to put their shoes under the bed. The flexibility allows a more forgiving comfort for those with curves or sensitivities, each of the 26 slats are individually sprung and will naturally follow the shape of your body, giving around the broader parts of the body but supporting the hollows.
This Flexible European slat base is used in varying forms throughout the majority of Europe, so is tried and tested and can also drop into any existing bedhead , the legs can also be moved/removed or adjusted in height according to personal circumstances.